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©2018 by Artists for Brexit.

We are a non-partisan voluntary association and network of artists, art workers and arts enthusiasts who support the process of securing independence for the UK.



The referendum result on Britain's membership of the EU is the biggest political mandate in British history. Never in our country have so many people voted for anything. Despite this, the result continues to be contested, more by the political class and the media than by ordinary people who for the most part, whether they voted Leave or Remain, accept the referendum result and want to move on. 

We believe that the refusal to respect the referendum result poses a threat to the future of democracy in our country. Not leaving the EU now would be a betrayal of democracy and indeed to the several centuries long struggle for universal suffrage that gave ordinary people the right to have a say on how they are governed and by whom. 

Artists for Brexit is a group open to artists of differing political persuasions, Leave and Remain voters and those united by a shared belief in the importance of upholding democracy and the implementation of the referendum result to leave the EU.

We want to continue to live and work in a society that, even when the decisions to be made are difficult, respects democracy as our most important value. A country that is tolerant and politically independent, innovative in its art and ideas, reaching out and welcoming to the world

   We are Artists for Brexit.


"We have great art, literature and culture that responds to communities, people and places in the UK but also looks outward to the world and will continue to do so after Brexit." 


Manick Govinda, writer and co-founder of Artists for Brexit.

Art by Poshfruit


Not the EU

Art by image maker, Ian Bilbey

"International cultural exchange and collaboration is not dependent on EU diktat."

The UK has a proud tradition of internationalism, through its Commonwealth and relationships with many other parts of the world, and these have brought world class and grassroots cross-cultural relationships to our shores"
Manick Govinda, 'Why the Arts should vote for a Brexit", The Stage, June 2016


"I would rather belong to a poor nation that was free than to a rich nation that had ceased to be in love with liberty"
Woodrow Wilson

"Europe's power is easy to miss. Like an invisible hand, it operates through the shell of traditional political structures. The British House of Commons, British law courts and British civil servants are still here, but they have all become agents of the European Union implementing European law. This is no accident."


-Mark Leonard, co-founder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, the first pan-European think tank.

Art by Claire Bentley-Smith

We welcome all, regardless of how you voted in the referendum, as long as you respect democracy and therefore support Brexit, and as long as you respect the role of artists in society, to join us in helping to give artists a voice in making Brexit a success for Britain.

Artists for Brexit

Art by Henry Jones


Artists coming together, embracing free speech and civil debate.

"We are very keen on trying to promote the notion of global Britain. You're shifting emphasis to being interested in and having equitable exchange with the world, which has got to be brilliant for the arts."

Michael Lightfoot, interview with the BBC

Art by Jan Bowman

We welcome other artists to join us in exhibiting their work on this website, whether they voted to leave or remain in the EU. However, it is important that work shown here is by those who respect and therefore accept the referendum result.

Please contact us if you would like to be included. 

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